ITx Partners is a European consulting firm specialized in information systems (IS) and information technologies (IT) consulting.

It is defined by its innovative approach of consulting:

  • the exclusive commitment of highly experienced senior consultants, in assistance or on a lump sum mission
  • total independence guaranteeing the relevance of our interventions
  • a human size allowing great agility
  • quick interventions
  • ability to work for Large companies, Mid-Caps and/or Start-Ups.

Our  quick and expert response is particularly well suited to help companies in their digital transformation.

We operate at the European level, either from Paris (headquarters of the Cabinet) or from our local offices in London, Brussels or Geneva.


The diversity and complexity of the topics involved allows for a differentiated approach to consultancy, demonstrating the high value added to our clients – most often for complex challenges, managing global programs or complicated

The Consultants that make up the company are experienced managers, experts and pilots, referents in their field.

Each one has at least fifteen years of experience, with international exposure, and with the exercise of at least one IT management responsibility.


Selected for their professional and personal qualities, each Consultant develops a close operational partnership with his client.

For our customers, it is the assurance of a very quick acquaintance with their context, a high added value intervention, and tangible results without delay.


As a demonstration of their satisfaction, our clients often call us for new missions or to deepen a subject matter dealt with during previous missions.

We are also very pleased to be regularly recommended to new customers by our clients.

Several successful customers stories are available online as an example of missions.

ITx Partners is an active member of French Syntec Numérique


Feel free to contact us to talk about the best ways to jointly develop the performance of your information system.

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