FEMMES@NUMÉRIQUE is proactively engaged to promote women in the digital sector.

Although companies are facing issues to hire digital professionals, women are under-represented in digital technology: they hold less than 30% of the positions in digital.

Created in 2008 and recognized as being of public utility since 2012, Fondation Mines-Télécom contributes to the development and reach of IMT and its engineering and management graduate schools. The Foundation is committed to 4 major themes: Training, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Supporting research & Foresight.


The association L’Ecole à l’Hôpital was created in 1929. They operate in 40+ hospitals in the Paris area.

The association provides children with serious illness with school lessons either at home or at the hospital: more than 4,000 young patients benefit of 24,000 free individual lessons hosted by 500 qualified volunteer teachers every year.

Cœur de forêt association was created 15 years ago. Its mission is to act for the preservation of forests in France and abroad.

Cœur de Forêt’s approach is designed to meet the complex challenges of deforestation by combining environmental, social and economic parameters. They run programs to restore degraded forest ecosystems, to support small producers towards sustainable agriculture and forestry, to develop fair trade channels as well as to raise awareness among local populations.

Our mission is to provide our customers with bespoke, value-added and differentiating consulting services.

We consider both non-financial performance and ethical values as must-haves. This is the reason why ITx Partners engaged in a philanthropic and social responsibility approach since the Cabinet was created 5 years ago.

Our Corporate and Social Responsability approach is transparent and collaborative. Our desire is to develop our business, our human resources and our ecosystem in a sustainable way while respecting the environment and contributing to the community we live in.



Early 2024, we joined the Femmes@numérique association whose aim is to promote the place of women in the digital sector.



We do support the Fondation Mines Télécom which helps IMT Engineering and Management Graduate Schools training, innovation, research and foresight missions at the heart of digital, industrial, energy and educational transformations.

Since 2019, ITx Partners has also been a sponsor of the association l’Ecole à l’hôpital. It is with great pleasure that we renew our commitment with this key association each year. L’école à l’hôpital provides free individual lessons to young patients between 5 and 25 years old and allows them to continue their education and/or take exams while getting medical care.


Environmental protection

Protecting the environment is a major focus of the Cabinet. We ensure that we comply with all applicable environmental standards and legislation wherever our offices are located. We also seek to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible in our daily activities.

What we do:

  • We promote eco-friendly gestures by sharing good practices and raising awareness among our employees,
  • We offset our carbon emissions,
  • We reduce the amount of waste we use and recycle it.

A carbon footprint assessment is conducted on a yearly basis. This assessment is followed by concrete action to mitigate our carbon impact. Since 2021, we have decided to support the very concrete initiatives of the Cœur de forêt association, which acts in favour of an alternative development model to deforestation.

This sponsorship action was initiated on the advice of the Gandee team, specialists in corporate sponsorship.