What are the basic skillsets of a Transition Manager?

Transition managers are seasoned professionals with specific skills:

  • They have extensive experience in solving complex problems and implementing organizational changes ;

  • They have excellent communication skills to ensure every is aware of the upcoming changes ;

  • They demonstrate strong leadership skills to build consistent focus against the objectives and then to ensure all stakeholders deliver as planned ;

  • They are willing to share their knowledge and build upon their experiences ;

  • They are engaged to drive changes in high-stakes environments for a limited period of time.


What are the differences between Transition Management and Operational Consulting?

  • Transition Management is relevant to address either strategic changes or crisis situations within an organisation, while operational consulting provides support under normal circumstances.

  • Transition Management is called for by the CEO and/or Senior Executives while operational consulting takes place lower in the org chart. Consultants are usually in day-to-day contact with the teams which implement the decisions taken by the Executives.

  • The duration of engagement is generally longer for operational consulting assignments than for transition management, 12-18 months vs 6-9 months.


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