ITx Café#10- Why is Interim Management so popular?

ITx Café #10 – Management de transition, pourquoi ?

Interim management business is growing significantly year after year:

  • +34% in H1 2023
  • 52% of engagement related to unexpected leave of key resources*.

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How can we explain the rise of interim management?

Interim Management growth can be explained by the acceleration of industrial, economic and technological cycles as well as by the multiplication of risks: geopolitical, climatic, etc.

The accelerating pace we are all facing is forcing companies to constantly adapt in order to conduct their business.  They have no choice but to align both their strategies and organizations to planned changes and/or unexpected situations.

Interim management makes it possible for organisations to manage either crisis situations or managerial emergencies or transformations.


What are the benefits for organizations and interim managers?

The main benefits of interim management are as follows:

  • execution speed to add specific skills into an organization ;
  • flexibility to adjust the size of the management team to business needs and
  • ability to bring an external and neutral point of view to assess critical situations.

Vice versa, interim management allows experienced and senior professionals to share their experience and confront the reality of various fields of intervention. By doing this, they continue enriching their knowledge base which is a guarantee for managers to be part of future motivating missions and of more value for organizations.


The Expert’s Corner

<style=”text-align: justify;”>Information Systems and Digital Technology are nowadays a key component of all organizations. Ensuring their coherence and alignment with the company’s strategy is a major challenge.

<style=”text-align: justify;”>A lack of control can have significant and negative impact on operational and/or financial performance. In some situations, it can also damage organizations’ reputation.

<style=”text-align: justify;>Thus, it is essential to engage with qualified professionals to translate strategic objectives into IT/digital elements.

<style=”text-align: justify;”>Thanks to our experienced community of consultants, our mission is support organisations and to manage issues related to:

  • Audit, Architecture, Urbanization;
  • Organization/reorganization;
  • Operational and/or economic optimization;
  • Crisis management / turnaround;
  • Project Management / Program Management.

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*Source : Baromètre France Transition S1-2023 – Francetransition