ITx Café #3 – Quel impact de la pandémie sur la Silicon Valley ?

ITx Coffee #3 – What impact has the pandemic on the Silicon Valley?

For some time now, Silicon Valley has not been the absolute centre of gravity of the tech world: a number of successful and globally successful...

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ITx Café #2 : Centralisation stratégique, Décentralisation opérationnelle

ITx Coffee # 2: Strategic centralization, Operational decentralization

Beware of the temptation of excessive … and permanent centralization Point of view of Christian Saint-Etienne From this point of view,...

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ITx Café : #resilience (summer 2020)

ITx Café #1 : Resilience

Kevin Staut interview – Olympic Champion and World vice-champion   “Resilience is part of the daily discipline of any top...

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